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Fatal accident in Missouri kills 4 and leaves 1 teen alive

When tragedy strikes in the form of a fatal accident on the country's highways, others are left to mourn the loss of the victims. In some cases, however, there are also surviving victims in a fatal accident who enjoy a recovery that many would say is nothing short of miraculous. Such is the case for one high school freshman who continues to amaze all those who know him as he heals from a tragic vehicular crash in Missouri.

The teenager was a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident that took the lives of three of his family members and one other traveler. The disaster occurred while the young man's family was vacationing in Central Missouri. It has been a long, tough road to healing, but he now eagerly awaits the next phase of his life.

Missouri woman suffers catastrophic injuries in afternoon crash

A Sunday afternoon drive changed one Missouri woman's life forever when it resulted in an accident on Interstate 435. The location of the crash, an exit ramp from the northbound interstate, was shut down due to the seriousness of the crash. The woman suffered catastrophic injuries and the driver of the vehicle was taken into police custody following the accident.

Those who witnessed the horrific scene said that the vehicle was traveling north when it suddenly struck a guard rail. A female, who was in the truck's bed, was thrown onto the highway where she was run over. Another passenger, who was seated inside the truck, also suffered injuries in the accident.

Fatal accident in Missouri may have been hate crime

A Missouri teenager recently lost his life after being involved in a fatal accident. Local and federal authorities are investigating the fatal accident as a potential hate crime. The victim was purportedly chased and intentionally hit with a vehicle outside of his place of worship.

Reports indicate that, while the 15-year-old boy was on his way to play basketball, the accused driver drove directly at him. The vehicle slammed into the teen, throwing him into the air and almost completely severing both of the teen's legs. The seriously hurt victim was transported to a nearby medical facility for emergency medical treatment.

Infant death may have been due to product liability

When a Missouri child with a compromised immune system ingests something that has been contaminated, he or she could be at serious risk. The Food and Drug Administration, in connection with the Centers for Disease Control, recently began assisting a state department of public health with an investigation surrounding a product that is believed to have caused the death of an infant. The premature newborn was diagnosed with gastrointestinal mucormycosis, a preventable illness that was brought on after consuming a contaminated supplement. A product liability case may be pending.

The case was purportedly caused by the mold rhizopus orzyae, which the premature baby is thought to have ingested after being given a health supplement. The supplement claimed to have probiotic benefits and was created primarily for use in infants and children. Tests were completed on sealed, unused containers of the ABC Dophilus Powder supplement and the fungus rhizopus orzyae was found to be present.

Fatal accident in Missouri kills and injures multiple teenagers

A large group of teenagers having a good time who then choose to load into a vehicle not large enough to fit everyone may risk being involved in a fatal accident if they happen to crash. The physical pain that a deceased victim may suffer and the emotional trauma a survivor can experience may be difficult for the parents of a teen to comprehend. A fatal accident in Missouri recently took the lives of four teenagers after the pickup truck they were in collided with a tree.

The pickup truck was carrying a total of eight teenagers in the interior of the four-door truck the night of the crash. Most pickup trucks are built with seating for a maximum of six, including available seat belts. Authorities believe that the accident took place when the teen driver of the truck, for an unknown reason, veered off the left side of the road.

Missouri crash leaves teen with catastrophic injuries

Losing control of a vehicle while operated at high speeds may result in a serious crash that inflicts catastrophic injuries to occupants of the vehicle and/or others. This could tragically result in death or long term disability or even a fatality. A tragic accident recently took place on a Missouri highway that cost one man his life and inflicted catastrophic injuries on his passenger.

The early morning accident took place when the driver of a speeding pickup truck drove off of the highway. Reportedly, the driver tried to correct the trajectory of the vehicle but over-corrected instead. This sent the pickup truck back across the road and off the left side of the highway, where it flipped.

Parents sue hospital for medical malpractice

When medical malpractice includes provision of inadequate care and the inability to diagnose, a Missouri patient may suffer medical emergency that results in fatality. The parents of a deceased young woman recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital for what they believe was medical malpractice that lead to the death of their daughter. They have accused the medical facility of failure to provide adequate care resulting in fatal brain and liver problems.

The young woman first visited the emergency room independently with complaints of illness that had been chronic for two weeks. Symptoms included abdominal pain and vomiting. A physician discovered inflammation of her liver through an examination, and as her treatment continued, she was transferred to ICU.

Missouri man sentenced for fatal accident that killed passengers

The decision to drink and drive can have permanent consequences that can affect the lives of many other people. When this choice results in a fatal accident, the emotional and physical trauma that is inflicted can cost a victim serious physical and financial damage or even his or her life. A young Missouri man was recently sentenced for his involvement in a fatal accident that took the lives of two others.

The tragic accident took place when the sentenced man made the decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. An 18-year-old man and a 20-year-old man were passengers in the vehicle when it crashed. As a result of the impact, both passengers lost their lives, while the drunk driver suffered only fairly minor injuries.

Passenger loses life on Missouri highway in fatal accident

When a driver finds it difficult to navigate the roadway and travel at high speeds with accuracy, he or she may risk the safety and well being of his or her passengers and the others on the roadway. An elderly man recently lost his life after a fatal accident on a Missouri highway. The afternoon crash involved only one vehicle and took place near the intersection of two local highways.

Reports indicate that an elderly woman was driving an SUV when she lost control. It is believed that the SUV first went off of the roadway on the left side, causing the driver to jerk the wheel to the right in an attempt to recover its position. The overcorrection then caused the vehicle to travel to the right side of the road where it smashed into a road sign.

Challenges that a family may face as a result of a birth injury

The parents of a special needs child recently shared their financial hardships in a report detailing the struggles that can accompany the care required for a child that suffers a birth injury. In addition to continuous medical expenses required for a child, a Missouri family may face ongoing emotional difficulties as well. Their daughter was the surviving twin at the time of delivery, and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after the birth injury she experienced.

The special needs teen requires constant help with living her life due to seizures, problems with balance and lack of muscle tone. She also struggles with speech and physical pain in her legs. Each of these struggles is in connection to the cerebral palsy and requires regular long-term therapy and treatments.

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