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Fatal accident in Missouri takes the life of teen at bus stop

When motorists choose to drive recklessly on Missouri highways, they risk injuring or killing others. Often, dangerous road conditions and inebriated drivers are a toxic recipe for disaster. A young teenager was recently killed in a fatal accident while waiting at a bus stop after being hit by an oncoming car.

The early morning accident took place shortly before sunrise on a local highway. The boy was apparently waiting by the street for his bus to arrive when the vehicle struck him. Authorities believe that street racing in poor weather conditions contributed to the cause of the accident.

Joan Rivers' doctor suspected of medical malpractice

Reports indicate that Joan Rivers' death is currently under investigation for potential medical malpractice by the Department of Health of the state where she died. Some professionals question whether the clinic was properly stocked to handle the elderly patient in the event of a medical emergency. A Missouri patient that suffers medical malpractice may be permanently injured or suffer a fatal injury.

The late actress lost her life following a routine surgery at a clinic when she succumbed to cardiac arrest. An endoscopy was scheduled for her vocal cords, and it was initially unclear if the actress was provided anesthesia which may have induced or contributed to the complications. While the endoscopy procedure was in progress, Joan Rivers' body reacted and created an emergency situation.

Missouri man arrested for DWI after car accident

When a person makes the reckless decision to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they risk causing a serious situation that could inflict severe harm to another person. A Missouri man was recently involved in a car accident and arrested following the crash for potentially driving while intoxicated. Police believe the man was operating his vehicle negligently and have accused him of causing the car accident.

The crash occurred when the middle-aged man suspected of driving while intoxicated drove his sports utility vehicle out of his lane and off the road. His SUV traveled over and across the median dividing the opposite flow of traffic when he collided with another vehicle. The smaller car was driven by a teenager traveling with another teen and two young children.

Elderly Missouri man passes away in car accident

Catastrophic wrecks occur multiple times every year on Missouri highways and tragically claim the lives of numerous victims. When the people involved in a crash do not have the capability or health to heal after suffering an injury, the car accident can leave a family mourning a loved one. A car accident recently took the life of an elderly Missouri man when he was unable to recover after his vehicle collided with another one.

The early morning crash occurred when a man driving a pickup truck attempted to complete a left hand turn across a local highway. As he pulled his vehicle into the road and across the opposite side of traffic, an oncoming truck driven by an elderly man collided with the turning vehicle. Vehicle collisions at high speeds can often result in devastating injuries to those involved.

Potentially spoiled Kraft slices may be product liability

As the school year begins, families will often prepare packed lunches for their children to take to class with them. When the cheese slices that they purchased and place in sandwiches are potentially spoiled, they may have product liability concerns. The Kraft company recently recalled thousands of cases of their American cheese singles that were manufactured and distributed from their Missouri facility for potential defective conditions.

They believe that 7,690 cases of the cheese slices may not have been kept at the appropriate temperature required to keep the product fresh. A total of four varieties of cheese flavors in different ounces and dates were distributed to grocers, sold to consumers and potentially eaten. The company has issued a statement requesting any person who has purchased the cheese to avoid consumption of the product and return it to the store it was purchased from.

Semi-truck involved in fatal accident on Missouri highway

The ability to bring a large and bulky semi-truck to a complete stop when approaching traffic on a Missouri highway may be difficult for a driver who is not prepared or not paying attention. When a large truck fails to brake in time for the traffic jam, it can risk causing a fatal accident. A recent rear-end collision involving two semi-trucks resulted in a fatal accident that involved one other vehicle.

Authorities believe that the morning crash began when a tractor-trailer approached a stretch of road congestion that had accumulated. Although the truck began to slow in an attempt to stop with traffic, he was not able to come to a complete stop and slammed into the back of another semi. The impact caused that truck to be thrown into the back of an SUV stopped in front of it.

Missouri crash causes catastrophic injuries

A dangerous accident can result when a small car cuts into the path of a fast-moving vehicle that is much larger. At high speeds, this can inflict catastrophic injuries to Missouri motorists. A recent accident between a sedan and a tractor-trailer caused catastrophic injuries to two elderly women and hurt the driver of the truck.

The early evening crash took place on a Miller County highway when a sedan carrying two elderly women apparently pulled in front of a large truck. Reports note that the truck slammed into the back of the smaller car. The speed of the vehicles at the time of the collision was not reported.

Mother sues obstetrician for birth injury to her child

When a Missouri family arrives in labor and delivery to bring a new child into the world, they do not expect their trusted physician to present them with a child harmed from a birth injury. This experience can leave a parent questioning what the future may look like for their child. An obstetrician was recently on trial for his involvement in a delivery in which the mother claims birth injury permanently handicapped her daughter.

Records state that during labor and delivery, the physician was not able to deliver the baby’s posterior shoulder after lengthy shifting due to a dystocia of the infant’s shoulder. After turning the baby, he was able to proceed with the birth. The newborn was described as arriving with a limp left arm and tested with an Apgar rating of 7 and 9.

Physician's assistant is sued for medical malpractice

When medical malpractice seriously harms a Missouri patient, they may suffer physically and mentally as a result. It can be difficult for a person to understand what may have happened to cause their doctor’s mistake as they seek answers. A woman recently made the decision to pursue her allegations against a physician’s assistant for potential medical malpractice.

The patient claims that the physician’s assistant is responsible for a breach of ethics as well as extensive medical negligence. She alleges that the medical center was negligent in their hiring of the physician’s assistant, which has created their shared responsibility for her reported damages. The victim believes that both the doctor and clinic intentionally inflicted emotional anguish through their actions and lack of care.

GM recalls SUVs for product liability fire hazard

When Missouri drivers purchase a new or used GM sports utility vehicle, they may expect their vehicle to be safe and without defects. A new safety recall was recently issued by General Motors for a serious product liability fire hazard discovered in many of their SUVs. This comes after a lengthy recall regarding ignition switches that also caused a great product liability risk to consumers and led to multiple deaths.

The company has recalled multiple SUV models for switches inside of the driver’s door power window assembly that have the potential to catch on fire. This recall was documented by federal safety regulators and is so serious that GM recommends that people who own or drive one of the affected sports utility vehicles leave their vehicles outdoors due to an extreme fire hazard. Once the repair has been made, the vehicle will once again be safe to drive, park and store as needed.

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