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Injuries in Missouri sometimes involve medical malpractice

When one entrusts oneself to the care of a medical professional, it is right to reasonably assume that the care rendered will be done so according to the highest levels of professional and safety standards. Any person in Missouri who suffers illness or injury due to medical malpractice is able to file a legal claim in a civil court against the party or parties deemed negligent. A recent case outside the state involves a woman who claims that she suffered bodily injury during a recent surgical procedure.

The woman has filed a lawsuit against a large number of medical groups and professionals. Her claim states that she was undergoing a right knee replacement when, due to medical negligence, her arms were injured. The woman further asserts in her claim that the injuries, which are severe and permanent, occurred because the medical staff failed to properly restrain her during the surgical procedure.

Some Missouri cases involve product liability

In some circumstances, a manufacturer can be held liable concerning its product in the event of an injury, illness or death of a consumer who used it. In Missouri and elsewhere, consumers are protected by the right to file a product liability claim in court if they believe that they have been harmed by a product that was poorly designed, toxic or otherwise defective. Consumers have the right to reasonably assume that they can safely use the products they purchase in the marketplace.

Trial lawyers at Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C. are nationally recognized for their services in representing clients who have suffered from defective products. Whether you have been exposed to toxins in your environment, have been injured by hazardous chemicals or are acting on behalf of a child who was injured by a defective toy, our team of experienced attorneys is prepared to help you exercise your rights and seek the compensation to which you may be entitled. We begin by offering a free assessment of your case in order to determine the likelihood of a court ruling in your favor.

Woman in state outside Missouri files medical malpractice claim

Undergoing any form of surgical procedure is a serious medical event in a person's life. Depending upon the circumstances in one's case, the experience can be very stressful and healing can be slow. In a recent medical malpractice case outside Missouri, a woman has claimed that the surgery performed by a doctor was unnecessary.

The woman filed a lawsuit against her physician and his medical practice. She asserts that those named as defendants in her case performed a hip replacement surgery that she has since discovered was not necessary. She further claims that the doctors told her that once she had the full replacement surgery, she would no longer have pain in her hip. However, the woman says that her pain was not alleviated after the surgical procedure.

Missouri ranch sued for product liability and wrongful death

A Missouri beef cattle ranch has come under fire through a lawsuit and its slaughter house has been shut down by the federal government. A question of product liability and wrongful death surrounds the tragic death of a young child from another state who died after eating meat raised on the ranch and sold at a Whole Foods store. Federal inspectors shut down the processing plant while the lawsuit brought by the child's parents is pending.

The 8-year-old boy apparently ate a grilled hamburger that was made with beef from the ranch in question. His mother claims that he suffered from severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea and multiple organ failures, succumbing to his illness two weeks after eating the beef. The lawsuit alleges that the beef was contaminated by E. coli bacteria.

Missouri fatal accident occurs when motorcycle crosses line

A tragedy occurred on a highway in Missouri on a recent Saturday afternoon. Several vehicles, including two motorcycles, were involved in the fatal accident. Two lives were lost in the tragic crash, and several others suffered injuries.

Police have reported that a male, age 58, was heading east on his motorcycle. For reasons yet unknown, the motorcyclist veered across the center line of traffic. A 52-year-old man driving a Jeep in the oncoming direction was reportedly struck head-on. The cyclist was ejected from his seat upon impact.

Excessive speed leads to fatal accident in Missouri

A tragedy occurred on a recent Wednesday on a road in Missouri. The fatal accident involved two vehicles. Prosecutors have filed charges against one of the drivers in the case. Sadly, two other people did not survive the accident.

Reports indicate that a 35-year-old woman was traveling at a rate of speed that exceeded 95 mph moments before the tragic accident occurred. Apparently, her vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a stopped vehicle that contained two occupants. A couple, ages 72 and 69 were ejected from their seats upon impact when the speeding vehicle careened into their sports utility vehicle.

Help for Missouri parents whose infant has suffered birth injury

Women giving birth must entrust themselves and their soon-to-be-born babies to the care of various medical staff members when the infant is being born at a hospital. In fact, one might say that, during birth and in the time following delivery, a mother's and child's well-being lies in the hands of doctors, nurses, practitioners and other medical professionals who care for them. Unfortunately, in Missouri and elsewhere throughout the nation, the standard of care given to birthing women and their babies is not always in keeping with acceptable medical standards. Sometimes, negligence or errors can result in a devastating birth injury or illnesses for either the mother or the child.

At Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C. attorneys are available to help you if you choose to file a medical malpractice claim in a civil court. Our dedicated team is prepared to launch a full investigation into the details of your case in order to assist you in seeking the maximum damages applicable for compensation in your case. Whether the malpractice you claim is in regard to prenatal care, labor and delivery or post-natal care, we can ensure that the rights of you and your baby will be protected.

Missouri residents might have cause for product liability cases

When a Missouri resident has been injured or made ill through normal use of a purchased product, he or she is sometimes chooses to file a legal claim in a civil court. Product liability can exist when a defective product has been knowingly marketed to consumers by manufacturers, distributors or others in the supply chain. A recent article discussed the various types of products typically mentioned in such claims.

Some lawsuits claiming liability include adulterated alcoholic beverages. This would mean that a seller has placed an alcoholic product that has been illicitly tampered with into the hands of a consumer. If a consumer, or his or her family member has suffered injury by consuming the alcohol, a legal claim may be filed in order to seek compensation for damages.

Tragic fatal accident in Missouri leaves 4 dead

The loss of life as a result of a motor vehicle accident is always tragic. When the deceased is a young person, the grief and sorrow of a fatal accident seems to be magnified. In a recent Missouri crash, four young people are reported to have died at the scene.

On a recent Saturday night, two vehicles were reportedly each traveling in opposite directions on U.S. Highway 54. Reports indicate that just before midnight, the vehicle headed in a westbound direction crashed head-on into the vehicle in the eastbound lane of traffic. It was also reported that, upon impact, the driver of the car that seems to have caused the collision was ejected from her seat. Her vehicle flipped over and caught fire.

Woman claims doctor negligence led to baby's birth injuries

The United States of America was recently named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a woman in a state outside Missouri. The woman filed the legal claim in relation to doctor negligence that she claims occurred before her now 5-year-old daughter was born. The incidents in question reportedly happened while the woman was married to a United States Army captain and was stationed at Fort Knox.

The labor and delivery of the woman's infant took place in June 2010 and lasted for a reported 13 1/2 hours. Reports indicate that the baby suffered intracerebral and interventricular hemorrhages immediately after the birth. The newly born child is also said to have exhibited seizures not long after she was born.

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