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Food allergy product liability in Missouri

A person that suffers from a dairy allergy can have severe physical reactions when they ingest dairy or a product that contains dairy. A reaction can cause severe abdominal pain, induce vomiting or in some cases cause a person to go into anaphylactic shock. Product liability may exist when a container does not adequately list the internal ingredients and causes a consumer to have an allergic reaction to an unlisted component. A Florida allergy victim may have questions regarding their rights and the process they should take to ensure exposure of the product liability and justice

Recently, Kroger food chains recalled their Private Selection Sweet Strawberry Sorbet for potentially containing dairy components not labeled on the product. The defective product is labeled with the UPC code 11110 52108 and a date that states Aug 11, 2015 and was distributed in 13 different states including Missouri. This product could contain dairy although the ingredient is not listed.

Missouri car accident takes the life of a little boy

When Missouri children tragically lose their lives in car accidents, loved ones can be overwhelmed with grief. Recently a mid-day car accident took the life of a six-year-old boy on a gravel road without traffic stops. Driving a vehicle negligently can have devastating consequences.

Reports indicate that a Missouri woman had retrieved her two young grandsons from school and was headed home when they were required to take a different route due to a road closing. As the family made their way through a rural intersection, a teenage driver smashed into the side of their vehicle causing devastating results. The six-year-old boy passed away, and his grandmother and eight-year-old brother were transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

Missouri motorcyclist killed in car accident

Operating a vehicle requires concentration and knowledge of signs, symbols and traffic lights to ensure safe and proper handling while on the road. When a driver does not adhere to traffic laws or maneuvers their vehicle in a neglectful manner, they may cause a devastating car accident with severe consequences. A Missouri motorcyclist recently lost his life in a catastrophic car accident that apparently resulted from the miscalculated decision of another driver.

Records indicate that the accident occurred when an oncoming vehicle driven by an elderly woman made a left turn crossing into the lane of the motorcycle. The motorcycle did not have the ability to avoid the vehicle or come to a stop as the car cut directly into his path. The woman had an unprotected turn green light in her lane, though did not yield to it.

Missouri engineer may be responsible for product defect

Discovering a new car has a product defect after being in a devastating car accident can be frustrating for a Missouri consumer. A victim may be confused about how they should proceed to recover damages that were lost and report the serious risk. A well-known national car manufacturer has been facing serious allegations regarding their involvement and employee involvement in the creation of a product defect responsible for vehicle damages and personal injury.

An engineer responsible for the design of the defective ignition switch used in the Chevy Cobalt was recently accused of giving false testimony while under oath. During the original deposition the engineer claimed that he was not aware of any changes made and had not given permission for changes made to the ignition switches, which were ultimately responsible for creating the product defect. Court documents revealed the engineer's signature authorizing the changes to be made.

Birth injury can affect Missouri families

Many Missouri parents anxiously await the joyous arrival of their infant as they prepare for labor and delivery. When a medical staff fails to provide proper care and makes poor decisions during the birthing process, birth injury can tragically occur. Giving physicians the ability to understand what may have caused a birth injury to the brain may help to create better methods of prevention.

A recent report revealed that national obstetrician and pediatric institutions recommend medical providers who have delivered a baby with neonatal encephalopathy should completely investigate the potential causes that may have contributed to the birth injury. Newborns who suffer from neonatal encephalopathy have experienced a form of damage to the brain during labor or delivery. In the past, focus has been assigned to levels of oxygen that were made available or restricted to the infant during birth.

Missouri Supreme Court will decide if families can sue hospital

In Missouri, the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit is three years. This means, that if the family member of a person who was killed because of someone else's negligence wants to seek compensation through a lawsuit, he or she must file a wrongful death petition within three years of the individual's death. Usually, if a person does not file within three years, he or she loses the right to sue for compensation. In some situations, however, unique circumstances can alter the statute of limitations.

Right now in Missouri, several families are anxiously waiting to hear whether the state Supreme Court will allow them to pursue multiple wrongful death lawsuits. The lawsuits have been filed against a nurse and a hospital in Chillicothe.

Alli diet pills recalled over suspected tampering

When you purchase any product in a Kansas City store, you expect it to be safe for use -- and rightfully so. Manufacturers here and across the country are expected to adhere to strict federal regulations to ensure their products are safe for use. Following these rules is especially important when it comes to health-related products.

With that in mind, Kansas City residents may be interested to hear that Alli diet pills were recently recalled. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare voluntarily recalled the pills after learning that some bottles may have been tampered with. The company said it received multiple reports from consumers who found strange pills in their Alli bottles.

High-speed crash outside of Kansas City leaves 2 dead

"Some accidents are unsurvivable because there is just so much force involved." This statement came from a spokesman for the Kansas Highway Patrol after a serious accident on K-10 left two Kansas City-area men dead. 

The troopers words are true. Any Kansas City resident who reads the news knows that highway car accidents can be deadly.

FDA: Serious medical device recalls up by 900 percent

Many people in Kansas rely on medical devices. Defibrillators help to keep a patient's heartbeat normal, preventing cardiac arrest. Ventilator systems help patients breathe when they can't on their own. These and many other medical devices generally do immense good for the people who need them, but even a minor malfunction can reverse that good instantaneously.

A defective medical device can be extremely harmful to a patient. Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently released a report that details a climbing rate of life-threatening medical device recalls. In fact, since 2003, the number of medical device recalls each year has almost doubled.

Are checklists the answer to surgical errors?

If you're a list person, you know well the benefits of checklists. They remind you what to do and when to do it. Checklists, of course, can be applied in many situations. They have gained notoriety in the last few years because of the way some hospitals in the U.S. have chosen to implement them during surgeries.

Checklists were introduced as a way to eliminate -- or at least reduce -- surgical errors. By following a checklist before a surgery, the surgeon and his or team can ensure that they are on the same page, that they understand the procedure they are about to perform, that they have all the necessary equipment handy, and that they are operating on the right patient.

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