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Quadriplegic claims manufacturing defect to blame for her injury

It is up to every vehicle owner to do his or her best to maintain his or her automobile to ensure its roadworthiness. However, owners rarely think about some significant parts, such as emergency devices, which are never seen unless they are needed, so most drivers assume that such parts have passed a safety assessment and are in good working order. An example of a device of this nature would be an automobile's airbag. A woman outside of the state of Missouri claims that she was left a quadriplegic after she was involved in a car accident in which an alleged manufacturing defect caused her airbag to explode when deployed.

In a Florida court Wednesday, a lawsuit filed on behalf of the woman contained statements which allege that an airbag exploded during a car crash, leaving the driver with a permanent injury. It was purported that several companies were well aware of the airbags' defects due to numerous other consumer complaints and lawsuits. The attorneys acting on the behalf of the injured party reported that there have been 139 injuries and five deaths within the past 13 years due to the defective airbag in question.

Hospital attempts to avoid nursing negligence with photographs

Imagine the distress of suffering an illness or injury due to an error on the part of medical staff. Imagine further if an act of nursing negligence were to take place because a patient had been misidentified. That is what happened at one hospital outside the state of Missouri, raising the awareness of the staff and prompting them to take action.

In an online nursing article, it was reported that a medical error occurred due the improper administration of medication when an adult psychiatric patient was misidentified by the staff. A registered nurse, who was acting program manager at the time, took immediate steps to investigate and research ways of preventing such a mistake from happening again. As a result, a committee was set up to study the identification processes of various units within the hospital.

A life lost in Missouri fatal accident

Many people consider age 31 to be the prime of life. By this time, it is not uncommon for a career to be established, a marriage partner to be chosen or even a family begun. It is a tragedy when an untimely death occurs in a fatal accident along the nation's highways. One young man lost his life in a Missouri collision on a recent Monday night.

The accident was reported to have occurred at 11 p.m. in the westbound lane of Interstate 70. A car rammed into the rear of a truck occupied by two people. The truck was sent barreling off the right shoulder of the road and ended up in an overturned position. The car veered left and came to a stop at the side of the highway.

Missouri driver charged with DWI, assault in car accident

The southbound lane of Interstate 55 was the scene of a serious Jefferson County crash in the wee hours of a recent morning. Five people were reported injured in the Missouri car accident. One driver now faces multiple charges resulting from her alleged actions concerning the incident. She is also said to have suffered serious injuries.

The 38-year-old driver is reported to have entered the highway's interchange heading north on the southbound side of the roadway. Almost immediately, her vehicle slammed into another vehicle. Fortunately, the 19-year-old driver of that car was not injured. However, the woman's vehicle then collided with a vehicle occupied by four individuals. Reportedly, all of them suffered injuries initially characterized as moderate.

Former Missouri teacher sentenced re fatal accident

Drunk driving is a continuing problem on the nation's highways. It is a criminal offense in all 50 states. A former Missouri school teacher was sentenced for his criminal conviction concerning a fatal accident which killed one and injured others.

The 33-year-old male driver, a former agriculture teacher from the southwest part of the state, was sentenced recently for involuntary manslaughter. The charge was issued regarding a 2013 head-on collision where the former instructor was alleged to be driving the wrong way on Highway 60. Reports indicated that he slammed his pickup truck directly into a vehicle operated by an 84-year-old man. The elderly gentleman was killed in the tragedy. Two children, said to be the daughters of the wrong way driver, survived the collision but were injured.

Father blames coach for son's brain injury

High school football is a popular sport across the nation. In Missouri and beyond, players, fans and coaches come out in full force during a typical season, cheering their teams to victory. A night under the lights is a favorite past-time of Americana. Lately, the thrill of these events seems clouded as player after player has come off the field with a brain injury.

Contact sports come with an inherent risk of injury. However, the question remains as to how well high school sports programs are faring when it comes to keeping the players safe during the season. Namely, many coaches are being accused of not taking appropriate safety measures at practice or during competition; or, worse, overlooking an allegedly apparent injury in order to make a player "buck up" and stay in the game.

Missouri suspends guardrail installation due to fatal accident

The very name of a guardrail would seem to imply that its use is meant to guard a driver's safety on the road. Unfortunately, in the state of Missouri, officials have recently raised the question as to whether a certain type of guardrail actually may have caused a fatal accident in Clay County last January. Officials from the state, along with those in 40 other jurisdictions, have suspended the installation of the ET-Plus guardrail system due to safety concerns and as a response to lawsuits that have been filed.

In one such case, a man died when his vehicle struck what is known as the "end terminal" of the guardrail system in question. Court records suggest that this piece of guardrail, which is meant to absorb energy and push the rail away from a vehicle, was actually thrust into the driver's seat and allegedly caused both the driver and a passenger to be ejected. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the surviving children of the deceased asserts that there were undisclosed changes made to the guardrail system a decade ago.

Veteran's widow claims surgical error caused husband's death

In a state neighboring Missouri, the widow of a deceased army sergeant has started a foundation which advocates for investments in the Veterans Health Administration. Her work was borne of personal suffering, that being her first-hand experience to a medical system she claims was ill-prepared to handle the care of the many servicemen and women who return to American soil after having been in battle. The sniper's shot did not kill her husband, says the Army wife; surgical error in an American medical facility did.

Reportedly, the fast and superb work of an on-field Army medic kept the sergeant alive after being hit by an enemy bullet. The shot is said to have shattered the soldier's vertebrae and left his severed spinal cord bleeding at a rate that would most likely have caused a fatal wound in another war era. Instead, he was brought back to the United States, paralyzed but alive.

Federal ruling allows nursing negligence lawsuits on cruise ships

Missouri residents planning a vacation cruise will be interested to learn of a major development in the federal law regarding onboard medical care. The recent ruling brings change to a century-old system.  Many cruise-goers will take comfort in knowing that their rights may now be better protected when it comes to care provided by a ship's medical staff. Nursing negligence and other acts of medical malpractice may now open to potential  lawsuits, at least within the Eleventh Federal Circuit.

A federal appeals court came to its decision after considering a case where an 82-year-old passenger fell and hit his head while disembarking from a cruise ship.  The gentleman, a veteran of foreign war and a retired police officer, is said to have been taking his dream vacation. He was traveling aboard a popular Caribbean cruise liner with 18 family members. After falling and hitting his head, the man was allegedly given a cursory examination by the ship's infirmary nurse. The family claims that the nurse failed to conduct or recommend a diagnostic scan, simply noting a bump on the man's head and instructing them to "keep an eye on it."

Fatal accident on Missouri interstate kills 5

When a wreck on the nation's highways ends a life, there are likely to be surviving family members who mourn the loss of their loved ones. When those killed in a crash are children, the sorrow is often magnified. The state of Missouri recently suffered the loss of five people due to a fatal accident on Interstate 435. Three young children and one teen were among those who died.

Traffic came to a halt and the road was closed to travelers for several hours Saturday night. According to police, the accident involved a semi-truck and another vehicle. It appears that the car was stopped in the far southbound lane of Interstate 435. Reports indicate that the semi-truck, traveling south, crashed into the vehicle from behind. Identification of the car was not readily available due to the fact that it was completely buried underneath the massive truck.

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