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Car accident awareness offered to public in Missouri

Even when motor vehicle operators drive with caution and do their best to obey traffic laws, traveling to and from a destination does not always end without mishap. A car accident can occur on Missouri roads even when vehicle occupants least expect it. Members of the State Highway Patrol have recently begun work to raise public awareness on the issue.

According to data provided, there were close to 140,000 traffic accidents in 2013. A Patrol spokesman reiterated the fact that even the most cautious of drivers is sometimes involved in an accident. He also stated that it is very important, when one has been involved in or has witnessed an accident, to report it as soon as possible.

Hospital west of Missouri accused of medical malpractice

In a case west of Missouri, a woman has filed a lawsuit against a medical facility that she blames for the death of her son. The suit claims that the hospital staff committed medical malpractice by misdiagnosing her child's condition after repeated visits to the hospital. Sadly, the young boy succumbed to the adverse effects of Leukemia, and his mother seeks to hold the hospital financially liable.

The boy was taken to the hospital with symptoms indicating severe illness. The child was reported to be suffering from cramps, nausea and vomiting. The mother claims that she and her son were sent home and that no laboratory tests were conducted.

Fatal accident in Missouri caused by driver's alleged negligence

In Missouri, as in other states, a wrongful death claim may be filed in a civil court by an immediate family member who has suffered the death of a loved one caused by another person's negligence. In a recent fatal accident, several were left with injuries, and one car passenger was killed. The civil justice system in America allows the survivors of the victim to seek financial relief against the party or parties alleged to have caused their loved one's death.

The tragedy occurred on Highway 60 on a Friday morning. The driver of a car apparently attempted to drive across the highway without yielding the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. An approaching vehicle struck the car, propelling it down a roadside embankment. A 63-year-old female passenger in the car was pronounced dead by the coroner about 75 minutes later.

Dog owner wants company held accountable for product liability

The death of a beloved pet can be devastating for a family. It is even more tragic when the death is believed to have been caused by a product that was given to a pet to make it happy. A family west of Missouri wants the manufacturer of a ham bone that is sold for dogs to assume product liability in the death of its pet.

The ham bone product is sold at Walmart stores throughout the nation. The dog owners recently watched their pet enjoy a bone they had given him. According to family members, he chewed the bone for more than an hour. All seemed well until the next day when tragedy struck.

Witnesses say speed was factor in Missouri fatal accident

A recent crash ended tragically with one life lost and another injured. Two vehicles were involved in the fatal accident in Missouri. Police were called to the scene. Witness statements suggest speed might have been a factor in the tragedy.

According to accident reports, responders pronounced one woman dead after she was struck by another vehicle as she attempted a left turn. Those who gave eyewitness accounts about the accident claim that a sport utility vehicle came barreling through a stop sign and hit the vehicle that was attempting the turn. The SUV then crashed through the front doors of a local church.

Better lights and communication might prevent medical malpractice

Surgical errors and medical negligence continue to be problematic for many of the nation's hospitals and care facilities. In a state north of Missouri, a health department commissioner said that his goal is to eliminate mistakes that often lead to medical malpractice suits. His department recently published a report that includes suggestions that might prove beneficial to medical personnel and patients throughout the nation.

Data indicates that medical mistakes can lead to very serious consequences for patients. Some patients suffer injuries and, in worst case scenarios, even death due to negligence on the part of medical staff. Catheters and feeding tubes that were inserted incorrectly are among the errors that have been on the rise, according to some reports. Poor communication among medical staff and lost specimens from lab work were also noted as being commonly listed among professional errors.

Traumatic brain injury victim publishes story of survival

Navigating the nation's highways by way of motor vehicle includes a certain amount of personal risk. No matter how astute, focused or cautious a driver might be, uneventful moments behind the wheel can quickly turn to tragedy due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another driver. In a 1982 car accident north of Missouri, a young boy suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to a lifetime of mental illness and behavioral challenges. Recently, his story was published.

The now-40-year-old man has chronicled his lifelong journey in an effort to encourage others who have suffered brain traumas in vehicular collisions. He was only 7 years old when his mother's car was struck by the driver of another vehicle who is said to have run a red light and made an illegal turn. The boy's mother and sister suffered minor injuries in the crash. He was transported to a nearby hospital and placed on life support.

New standards may help Missouri patients prevent personal injury

Some Missouri residents eventually come to reside in a skilled nursing facility, such as a nursing or convalescent home, when it has been determined that they are not capable of independently coping with the usual activities of daily living. Typically, there are regulatory entities whose task is to ensure patient safety with regard to personal injury and/or illness, as well as make recommendations for improvement in quality of care. Recently, nursing homes across the nation were rated, with one third of them receiving low scores.

A recent study suggested that many of the nation's nursing homes fail to meet the existing standards for care and safety. Officials stated that they hope the ratings system benefits those who are attempting to choose between various nursing homes. A website has been used to publish ranks for more than 15,000 nursing homes in the nation. The one to five scale takes into account such measures as staff to patient ratio and use of anti-psychotic drugs.

Fatal accident outside Missouri leads to product liability suit

In 2012, a vehicle with 12 occupants was involved in a fatal accident that took the lives of five passengers and injured the other seven individuals. In a state southwest of Missouri, a family involved in the tragedy has filed a product liability claim in federal court, alleging that the crash occurred due to a defect in the rear tire of the vehicle. An official statement from the tire company said that the tire had met all federal safety regulations.

The vehicle was traveling on an interstate when the tread of the right back tire suddenly separated. The vehicle began to roll and crashed into a sign on the road. The lawsuit asserts that the survivors of the tragic accident are entitled to damages involving personal injuries, wrongful deaths and suffering brought about from witnessing the death of loved ones.

Passenger allegedly grabbed wheel causing Missouri car accident

Maintaining focus and operating a motor vehicle in a responsible manner is the duty of every driver. However, if another occupant in the car commits a negligent or wrongful action, a car accident can occur even if the driver is doing his or her best to drive safely. A recent Missouri crash occurred when one occupant is alleged to have acted recklessly while riding as a passenger in a car.

According to highway authorities, the accident occurred just after midnight in mid-February. Both people in the vehicle were 22 years of age. A young woman was driving and is said to have argued with the young man who was her passenger. At some point, it is alleged that he grabbed the steering wheel and, in doing so, caused the car to wreck.

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