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Passenger loses life on Missouri highway in fatal accident

When a driver finds it difficult to navigate the roadway and travel at high speeds with accuracy, he or she may risk the safety and well being of his or her passengers and the others on the roadway. An elderly man recently lost his life after a fatal accident on a Missouri highway. The afternoon crash involved only one vehicle and took place near the intersection of two local highways.

Reports indicate that an elderly woman was driving an SUV when she lost control. It is believed that the SUV first went off of the roadway on the left side, causing the driver to jerk the wheel to the right in an attempt to recover its position. The overcorrection then caused the vehicle to travel to the right side of the road where it smashed into a road sign.

Challenges that a family may face as a result of a birth injury

The parents of a special needs child recently shared their financial hardships in a report detailing the struggles that can accompany the care required for a child that suffers a birth injury. In addition to continuous medical expenses required for a child, a Missouri family may face ongoing emotional difficulties as well. Their daughter was the surviving twin at the time of delivery, and she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after the birth injury she experienced.

The special needs teen requires constant help with living her life due to seizures, problems with balance and lack of muscle tone. She also struggles with speech and physical pain in her legs. Each of these struggles is in connection to the cerebral palsy and requires regular long-term therapy and treatments.

Multiple people suffer injuries in Missouri car accident

When traveling on Missouri highways with a vehicle full of children, a driver needs to stay alert in order to avoid a car accident that can lead to serous injuries. Falling asleep while driving can have dangerous consequences for the person behind the wheel, for his or her passengers and for the others with whom he or she shares the road. Multiple people recently suffered injuries in a car accident that appears to have been caused by a driver that fell asleep.

The early morning accident took place on a rural highway when a young woman driving allegedly fell asleep while behind the wheel. She purportedly ran off the road and into an embankment which caused the vehicle she was operating to flip. The impact inflicted injuries to both the driver and an adult passenger. Their injuries were not considered serious.

Product liability suspected after Listeria outbreak

Listeria is a food-borne pathogen that can cause extreme illness or even death when consumed. This type of rare pathogen is the cause of recent outbreaks that affected Americans across several states. Although Missouri was not specifically listed, residents there should be aware of the risks posed by the pathogen, and should also be aware that, should they be affected, they may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible by filing a product liability claim.

Listeria food poisoning is preventable through proper food handling and by following safety guidelines. When a food manufacturer or distributor does not follow the guidelines, they risk exposing people to harm and causing illness or even death for unsuspecting consumers. A recent Listeria outbreak thought to have originated in bean sprouts affected people in multiple states, making some ill and reportedly causing the deaths of two people.

Missouri man charged for involvement in fatal accident

A Missouri man was recently charged for his involvement in a fatal accident that took the life of his passenger after a tragic crash. The accident took place when the sports utility vehicle driven by the accused man collided with another car.  Apparently, he had two passengers in the car with him at the time of the fatal accident.

The impact took the life of the front seat passenger in the SUV and seriously harmed the other in the back seat. The occupants of the other car did not suffer serious injury. Those who survived may have suffered emotional trauma following the incident, in addition to unexpected medical expenses and other financial losses.

Clinic operator indicted for fraud in medical malpractice case

When a medical clinic makes false claims about the effectiveness of its treatment, the business owner or operator may be committing medical malpractice and, thus, be subject to charges. Missouri patients should be aware of claims that seem too good to be true, as they often are. As illustrated in a recent case involving a chain of cancer treatment centers whose operator was indicted in federal court in mid-October, medical malpractice in the form of false claims can lead to charges of fraud.

The clinic operator who was indicted was responsible for two of the clinics belonging to the chain that claimed to provide a specific cancer treatment to patients. The treatment supposedly involved the patient's tumors being injected with dye and saline and then heated by a laser. The clinic claimed that its treatments were completely effective.

Missouri official arrested and charged for car accident

When people make the choice to go out for dinner, the last thing they expect is to be involved in a car accident while in a restaurant. A vehicle that slams into a building can cause serious harm to those inside and around the crash site. A Missouri official was recently involved in a car accident that resulted in the injury of multiple people.

The evening crash took place when the accused man backed his pickup truck into a local restaurant. The tailgate was extended down as the truck collided with a wall of the building made up of glass blocks. The almost nine foot section of glass block smashed inward, spraying glass and wall debris close to 20 feet across the room and into diners.

Infant car seat recalled for design defect

An infant safety harness that contains a design defect can place a Missouri child in a dangerous situation. Following an in depth argument with federal safety officials, Evenflo has made the decision to recall close to 202,000 car seats. The car seats are designed to be used for rear facing infants and have been suspected of containing a dangerous design defect.

The Evenflo car seat is purportedly being recalled due to a buckle used to latch a child into the seat that is not easily disconnected. In the event of an emergency, the buckle may not be opened quickly or easily and could pose a serious hazard to the infant. If a car accident, disaster or fire were to take place, the inability to quickly remove a child from a car seat may result in serious injury or death.

Fatal Missouri car accident kills 1, injures 4

Many people have a false sense of security as they travel the nation's roadways. Because these people follow all the traffic signals and laws, they think they are safe. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who are not as cautious, and their negligent acts are sometimes impossible to avoid. One fatal car accident in Missouri has killed one man and injured four others.

The accident happened one afternoon in October. Police claim that a truck driven by a 43-year-old man veered across the center line into the pathway of oncoming traffic. The truck struck a car driven by a 47-year-old man head-on.

Deadly car accident claims 4 lives and injures 2 teenagers

Losing a loved one in a car accident is a traumatic experience, and the trauma escalates when the accident claims the lives of more than one member of a family. It is not uncommon for families to be ripped apart when a fatal car accident occurs on Missouri roads. Unfortunately, many accident injuries and deaths may have been avoided if only the drivers had obeyed the rules of the road.

What seems like a moment of impatience caused the death of four Missouri residents on a recent Friday evening. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that an eastbound driver, who was in the process of passing a tractor-trailer, smashed into an approaching westbound vehicle. The eastbound driver died on impact, and her passenger suffered critical injuries and passed away at the hospital.

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