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Missouri official arrested and charged for car accident

When people make the choice to go out for dinner, the last thing they expect is to be involved in a car accident while in a restaurant. A vehicle that slams into a building can cause serious harm to those inside and around the crash site. A Missouri official was recently involved in a car accident that resulted in the injury of multiple people.

The evening crash took place when the accused man backed his pickup truck into a local restaurant. The tailgate was extended down as the truck collided with a wall of the building made up of glass blocks. The almost nine foot section of glass block smashed inward, spraying glass and wall debris close to 20 feet across the room and into diners.

Infant car seat recalled for design defect

An infant safety harness that contains a design defect can place a Missouri child in a dangerous situation. Following an in depth argument with federal safety officials, Evenflo has made the decision to recall close to 202,000 car seats. The car seats are designed to be used for rear facing infants and have been suspected of containing a dangerous design defect.

The Evenflo car seat is purportedly being recalled due to a buckle used to latch a child into the seat that is not easily disconnected. In the event of an emergency, the buckle may not be opened quickly or easily and could pose a serious hazard to the infant. If a car accident, disaster or fire were to take place, the inability to quickly remove a child from a car seat may result in serious injury or death.

Fatal Missouri car accident kills 1, injures 4

Many people have a false sense of security as they travel the nation's roadways. Because these people follow all the traffic signals and laws, they think they are safe. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who are not as cautious, and their negligent acts are sometimes impossible to avoid. One fatal car accident in Missouri has killed one man and injured four others.

The accident happened one afternoon in October. Police claim that a truck driven by a 43-year-old man veered across the center line into the pathway of oncoming traffic. The truck struck a car driven by a 47-year-old man head-on.

Deadly car accident claims 4 lives and injures 2 teenagers

Losing a loved one in a car accident is a traumatic experience, and the trauma escalates when the accident claims the lives of more than one member of a family. It is not uncommon for families to be ripped apart when a fatal car accident occurs on Missouri roads. Unfortunately, many accident injuries and deaths may have been avoided if only the drivers had obeyed the rules of the road.

What seems like a moment of impatience caused the death of four Missouri residents on a recent Friday evening. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that an eastbound driver, who was in the process of passing a tractor-trailer, smashed into an approaching westbound vehicle. The eastbound driver died on impact, and her passenger suffered critical injuries and passed away at the hospital.

Woman charged for Missouri rollover car accident

Traveling at high speeds on local highways can require a driver to exercise heightened caution as they operate their vehicle. When a person is intoxicated while driving and becomes distracted or encounters a road condition that they were not expecting, they may be forced to make a quick decision and risk being involved in a car accident. A Missouri woman was recently involved in a rollover car accident that sent her to the hospital with serious injuries.

The morning crash occurred when a 31-year-old woman and her young passenger were traveling on a Missouri highway. As the car approached a sister highway, the driver somehow lost control of the vehicle. The car slammed into a Missouri Department of Transportation road sign.

Mother sues for birth injury potentially caused by negligence

A birth injury that may have been avoided can leave a Missouri parent with many questions as they struggle with their situation. The damages inflicted to a newborn can create difficulty with development and may require pricey treatment and care. A woman recently made the decision to pursue a lawsuit against her obstetrician for the damaging birth injury she believes was inflicted on her daughter.

The former patient claims that, while pregnant and under the care of her doctor, she experienced glucose levels above normal and felt uncomfortable about the unnaturally fast growth of her abdomen. The woman describes her body widening more rapidly than it should have and gaining an excess of 53 pounds during gestation. She claims to have never received a consultation regarding diet or health during her pregnancy and feels both she and the child were too large for the labor and delivery they underwent.

Missouri truck crash inflicts personal injury

A person that is traveling on the highway does not expect to quickly come upon an overturned truck blocking the highway. When a driver is not given enough time or visibility, a crash can occur that can inflict severe personal injury. A recent crash involving three tractor-trailer trucks and an SUV on a Missouri Interstate caused serious personal injury when a driver lost control of his rig.

The early morning accident took place a couple of hours before sunrise when a young man lost control of the semi truck he was driving. As the big rig veered across the left side of the Interstate, the operator attempted to correct the problem and caused the truck to flip over. The large vehicle was spread across the entirety of the highway, blocking every lane of traffic.

Hospital and physicians accused of medical malpractice

A Missouri patient that is subjected to medical malpractice may suffer unnecessary surgery and experience immense physical pain. A woman who lost her husband has recently accused his physicians of medical malpractice for a medical procedure completed during his lifetime. The wife of the deceased patient alleges that a sponge left behind in her late husband's body caused an infection that was painful and avoidable.

The situation initially began when the patient received a medical biopsy within his abdomen; doctors were exploring the cavity for potential plaque deposit levels. Following the procedure, the patient experienced extreme pain in the area. Upon internal investigation, his doctor discovered a massive pooling of blood within his abdomen and filled the area with sponges.

Missouri bus accident may have caused personal injury

School bus stops exist to allow a safe place for children to enter and exit a bus while minimizing the risk of a traffic accident. When a motorist fails to exercise caution while approaching a stopped bus, he or she can place others at risk for personal injury. A group of children recently suffered personal injury when their bus was hit at a Missouri highway bus stop.

The early morning accident took place around sunrise on a local highway when a teenage driver collided with a school bus. As the bus slowed and attempted to come to a halt at a bus stop, an oncoming car slammed into its rear end. Reports do not indicate what may have contributed to the vehicle's inability to take notice or stop behind the bus.

Car accident claims the life of Missouri driver

Driving while distracted or making poor choices behind the wheel may lead a driver to quick reactions that can easily evolve into a dangerous situation. When a driver loses control of their vehicle, they run the risk of a car accident that can potentially harm other motorists. A Missouri man recently lost his life when he and another vehicle were involved in a car accident.

The tragic crash took place on a local county road when a middle aged man lost control of his vehicle. The report made by the Missouri State Highway Patrol noted that the car veered off the road toward the right shoulder. When the driver attempted to correct the swerve, the quick move forced his car to travel across his lane and into the opposite side of the road.

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