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Soon-to-be graduate killed in Missouri car accident

Counselors have been made available at a Missouri high school where students, staff and a whole community is mourning the loss of one of its own. A tragic car accident occurred on a recent Sunday, just after midnight on a local roadway. A long-time resident who lives near the site of the accident stated that it is not the first tragic crash that has happened in the area, and some say the stretch of road is quite dangerous for motorists. He said that the only way to prevent more deaths is for the city to straighten the curve in the road.

The 18-year-old woman who died in the recent crash was scheduled to receive her high school diploma in the near future. She was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle that apparently failed to properly navigate the bend in the road, sending the critically injured driver to a local hospital for treatment. The soon-to-be graduate who died was highly spoken of by former teachers and friends, who said that she was hoping to go to France during then summer, then begin college classes.

Personal injury can be caused by toxic exposure

Some Missouri residents are injured in car accidents or by means of medical errors during surgery or other treatment. Another form of personal injury, however, is sometimes suffered as a result of being exposed to toxins in the workplace or on commercial or private property. Chemical contamination can affect many different people in various types of circumstances.

It is helpful to know that there are legal professionals available who are experienced toxic tort lawyers. These attorneys handle a variety of cases, from those that involve a client who has suffered illness from building contamination to those who have been exposed to asbestos or beryllium. Dangerous materials such as benzene or formaldehyde are among other toxins that are often included in personal injury cases involving contaminant exposure.

Court rules in Missouri wrongful death lawsuit

In 2012, a businessman was killed in a collision that involved a railroad train in Southeast Missouri. The man's widow appeared in court recently after filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of her deceased husband. According to reports, a jury issued a verdict in the case after deliberating for only two hours.

The recent Tuesday verdict found Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad liable for wrongful death. The widow of the decedent, who was a prominent lumber mill owner from the Steele and Portageville areas, was awarded $20 million in the case. The 2012 tragedy occurred when the 53-year-old businessman attempted to drive his vehicle across railroad tracks and was hit by a train. Apparently, the only signal alerting motorists near the tracks was a railroad sign without gates or lights.

Woman succumbs to catastrophic injuries in Missouri accident

A recent Missouri accident resulted in charges being filed against one of the  drivers involved. The tragedy also ended in the loss of one life after one victim succumbed to catastrophic injuries. A $50,000 bond has reportedly been requested by prosecuting attorneys in the case against the driver who is suspected of being at-fault in the accident.

Charges were issued on a recent Wednesday in the collision which involved a motor scooter and pickup truck. The driver of the motor scooter, a 53-year-old male is said to be have been using a flashlight as a headlight because the lights on his vehicle were inoperable. He was carrying one passenger, a 54-year-old female, when the scooter was reportedly struck by the pickup truck from behind.

Missouri lawn mower owners should note product liability case

A recent court ruling was issued against a manufacturer that might affect some Missouri residents. Those who make and distribute products that are defective and proved to be a danger to those who purchase the items can sometimes be held accountable through a product liability case in a civil court. A well known manufacturer of tools and yard maintenance appliances was recently ordered to pay more than $1 million for its negligent actions involving a defective product.

The product in question is a lawnmower made by the Black & Decker Company. Manufacturers are bound by federal law to immediately report potential defects in products to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The court ruled that Black & Decker failed to report a known defect until five years after it had been identified. According to reports, the cordless electric lawnmower defect causes it to start spontaneously and fail to stop running even after the ignition is disengaged.

Missouri investigators seek answers in recent fatal accident

A tragedy occurred that resulted in the loss of one life on a recent Sunday in Missouri. Witnesses to the fatal accident were reported to have stopped to render aid to one of the victims. The crash remains under investigation and authorities are seeking answers to determine whether excessive speed or alcohol were factors in the collision.

According to reports, a vehicle was traveling westward through an intersection when it was struck with immense force by another vehicle heading north. The force of the impact was so great that the door on the driver's side of the westbound vehicle was smashed approximately 4-feet deep into the car. Witnesses to the accident stopped and tried to assist the victim by extracting him from the vehicle and administering CPR.

Ignition devices in Missouri might prevent personal injury

A Missouri prosecutor recently said that state law allows a repeat drunk driving offender to be treated as a danger to society. In 2013, a device was put to use in the state that could potentially help prevent personal injury by stopping those who are intoxicated from operating a motor vehicle. A recent incident occurred where such a device might have proved useful.

The Missouri Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers recently expressed their frustration that a 51-year-old female in the state is facing what could possibly be her seventh driving while intoxicated charge. The group called the repeat offenses an outrage. In Missouri, a person can be documented as a "repeat offender" after his or her fourth DWI charge.

Woman involved in Missouri fatal accident now faces charges

A February motor vehicle tragedy occurred in Missouri that resulted in the loss of one life. A recent update was published with regard to charges that have been filed in the aftermath of the fatal accident. Alcohol appears to have been a leading factor in the crash.

According to court records, a young woman was behind the wheel of the motor vehicle that was involved in the single car collision on February 15, 2015. The records state that the driver's blood alcohol content registered at an elevated level at the time of the crash. Data provided also suggests that the driver was operating the vehicle at excessive speeds.

Motorcyclist succumbs to injuries after Missouri fatal accident

Police have been investigating a recent collision that took place on Missouri Highway 86. The fatal accident resulted in one life lost. The Neosho Police Department has publicly reported the findings of its investigation.

The Neosho Chief of Police acted as spokesperson in reporting the details of the recent tragedy. According to the chief, a 19-year-old female apparently failed to yield right-of-way and drove her vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic on the highway. Traveling in a westbound direction was a 26-year-old motorcyclist. The man reportedly saw the teenage driver's vehicle enter the roadway and did his best to avoid a collision. Unable to completely avert a crash, the motorcycle rider is said to have struck the left side of the vehicle.

Claimants say product defect to blame for fatal accident

A manufacturer and/or sales distributor or employer who negligently places a defective product into the hands of consumers or employees can be held accountable for product liability in a civil court. Missouri resident may wish to take note of a recent fatal accident which some say was caused by a product defect on one of the vehicles involved. Several people died from injuries suffered in the accident. The family members of  the decedents have filed  legal claims on behalf of their loved ones.

The November tragedy occurred when a FedEx tractor trailer blasted through a median and crashed into a minivan. The minivan carried three persons, one of whom was in a wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle. The driver and one of his passengers, a female, did not survive the accident. The vehicle occupant in the wheelchair was airlifted to a nearby medical center for emergency care. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries the following day.

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