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Ignition devices in Missouri might prevent personal injury

A Missouri prosecutor recently said that state law allows a repeat drunk driving offender to be treated as a danger to society. In 2013, a device was put to use in the state that could potentially help prevent personal injury by stopping those who are intoxicated from operating a motor vehicle. A recent incident occurred where such a device might have proved useful.

The Missouri Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers recently expressed their frustration that a 51-year-old female in the state is facing what could possibly be her seventh driving while intoxicated charge. The group called the repeat offenses an outrage. In Missouri, a person can be documented as a "repeat offender" after his or her fourth DWI charge.

Woman involved in Missouri fatal accident now faces charges

A February motor vehicle tragedy occurred in Missouri that resulted in the loss of one life. A recent update was published with regard to charges that have been filed in the aftermath of the fatal accident. Alcohol appears to have been a leading factor in the crash.

According to court records, a young woman was behind the wheel of the motor vehicle that was involved in the single car collision on February 15, 2015. The records state that the driver's blood alcohol content registered at an elevated level at the time of the crash. Data provided also suggests that the driver was operating the vehicle at excessive speeds.

Motorcyclist succumbs to injuries after Missouri fatal accident

Police have been investigating a recent collision that took place on Missouri Highway 86. The fatal accident resulted in one life lost. The Neosho Police Department has publicly reported the findings of its investigation.

The Neosho Chief of Police acted as spokesperson in reporting the details of the recent tragedy. According to the chief, a 19-year-old female apparently failed to yield right-of-way and drove her vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic on the highway. Traveling in a westbound direction was a 26-year-old motorcyclist. The man reportedly saw the teenage driver's vehicle enter the roadway and did his best to avoid a collision. Unable to completely avert a crash, the motorcycle rider is said to have struck the left side of the vehicle.

Claimants say product defect to blame for fatal accident

A manufacturer and/or sales distributor or employer who negligently places a defective product into the hands of consumers or employees can be held accountable for product liability in a civil court. Missouri resident may wish to take note of a recent fatal accident which some say was caused by a product defect on one of the vehicles involved. Several people died from injuries suffered in the accident. The family members of  the decedents have filed  legal claims on behalf of their loved ones.

The November tragedy occurred when a FedEx tractor trailer blasted through a median and crashed into a minivan. The minivan carried three persons, one of whom was in a wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle. The driver and one of his passengers, a female, did not survive the accident. The vehicle occupant in the wheelchair was airlifted to a nearby medical center for emergency care. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries the following day.

Parents claim birth injuries due to doctor negligence

Some injuries occur during the natural birthing process that are not the fault of medical staff but simply part of the risks involved in childbirth. Other cases involve birth injuries which are said to be caused by doctor negligence or other error committed on the part of medical staff. Missouri parents have a right to pursue formal litigation when they believe that their infant's birth injury was preventable and caused by medical malpractice.

A recent case involves a family who resides on an Air Force base in a state southeast of Missouri. The couple claims that their baby suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, in addition to other birth-related injuries, because of negligence on the part of the medical staff in attendance at the time of the birth. Reports indicate that the expectant mother was admitted to the hospital and monitored for several hours before being given an epidural in preparation for the birthing process.

Mother and daughter involved in fatal accident in Missouri

A Missouri highway was shut down in the aftermath of a recent tragedy. The fatal accident occurred on U.S. Highway 54 on a recent Wednesday afternoon. Eight vehicles were involved in the massive collision. Sadly, the incident resulted in two lives lost.

A corporal for the state highway patrol reported that the tragic incident took place just after 3 p.m. on a recent Wednesday. A tractor-trailer apparently crashed into the rear of another vehicle. The sudden collision is said to have led to a chain reaction of crashes involving six more vehicles. It was reported that at least two of those vehicles ignited and caught fire.

New study could have bearing on Missouri nursing negligence

The Institute of Medicine recently reported that more than 98,000 deaths occur in the nation's hospitals per year due to errors involving medication. That likely includes some hospitals in the state of Missouri. A new study offers encouraging results with regard to a change in design on intravenous bags that might help spur a decrease in nursing negligence incidents.

A human factors psychologist who played a lead role in the recent study had predicted the impressive results in her pre-test hypothesis. The blind study was set to determine if newly designed labels on IV bags would have an effect on anesthesia trainees' ability to choose the correct medication under simulated emergency conditions. In fact, the results of the study showed that the participants who were given the bags with new label designs chose the correct medications 20 percent more often than those who were issued bags with old designs.

3 vehicles involved in Missouri car accident

The Missouri Highway Patrol was called to a crash on a recent Friday. The Interstate 44 car accident involved three vehicles. Westbound lanes were closed to traffic while crews responded to the scene.

According to reports, a 29-year old male allegedly crashed his vehicle into the rear of the car in front of him, which had slowed to keep with the pace of traffic. The vehicle that was struck was said to have then rammed into the tractor trailer in front of it. The 26-year-old male who was driving the vehicle in the middle of the three was seriously injured and transported to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

Missouri fatal accident leads to police manhunt

U.S. Highway 24 in Missouri became the scene of a tragedy on a recent Friday night. One man involved in the fatal accident reportedly fled the scene, and police continue their search for him. A public hot-line number has been implemented; authorities have advised anyone who might have pertinent information regarding the accident or the man's whereabouts to call the number.

Police reported that a witness claims to have seen the crash occur Friday at approximately 9:15 p.m. Allegedly, a pickup truck heading east slammed into a vehicle that was stopped at a red traffic light. Several travelers, including the witness, stopped in order to render aid to the driver of the car that was struck, which had veered off the road and into a ditch.

Tragic Missouri car accident involving SUV and Amish buggy

Children were on their way to school when a recent early morning tragedy occurred in northwest Missouri. Two vehicles were involved in the car accident; one was an Amish buggy drawn by horses. One child was killed in the collision, and two others were reported as injured.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said that a 10-year-old boy was operating the horse-drawn carriage while transporting two of his siblings to school. According to information provided by authorities, a sports utility vehicle was traveling eastbound, behind the Amish buggy on Highway B. Allegedly, the driver of the SUV became blinded by glaring sunlight and crashed into the rear of the carriage.

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