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Woman claims doctor negligence led to baby's birth injuries

The United States of America was recently named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a woman in a state outside Missouri. The woman filed the legal claim in relation to doctor negligence that she claims occurred before her now 5-year-old daughter was born. The incidents in question reportedly happened while the woman was married to a United States Army captain and was stationed at Fort Knox.

The labor and delivery of the woman's infant took place in June 2010 and lasted for a reported 13 1/2 hours. Reports indicate that the baby suffered intracerebral and interventricular hemorrhages immediately after the birth. The newly born child is also said to have exhibited seizures not long after she was born.

Single vehicle involved in fatal accident in Missouri

Missouri Interstate 70 became the scene of a tragedy on a recent weekend. A fatal accident occurred that involved one vehicle and resulted in the loss of one life. There were reportedly two occupants in the vehicle at the time of the tragic crash.

The vehicle involved in the recent accident is said to have gone off the eastbound side of the road, after the driver seemed to have lost control, at approximately 8:44 p.m. on a recent Saturday. A 21-year-old man was behind the wheel of the car at the time of the crash. The vehicle also carried one passenger, another 21-year-old male. Both young men were reportedly ejected from the vehicle upon impact.

Children in Missouri might suffer due to product defect

In Missouri and elsewhere, most parents who operate motor vehicles while accompanied by their children take precautionary measures in order to ensure the safety of their sons and daughters while navigating the nation's roadways. Even after every effort has been made on the part of a parent-driver to keep himself or herself, as well as his or her children, safe while traveling, accidents sometimes still occur. When a child's injury in a vehicular accident has been caused by a product defect in a safety restraint system, a parent has the right to pursue litigation against any and all persons or entities deemed liable.

At  Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, P.C., we understand the emotional pain and suffering a family suffers when a child seat that was supposed to protect a son or daughter fails upon impact in a car accident, resulting in injury to the child. Part of helping your child achieve a full recovery after an auto accident injury caused by a defective product might include seeking compensation for damages sustained in the accident. The compensation awarded in a successfully litigated case could be used to help pay for your child's medical bills or other expenses associated with the crash.

Some Missouri elder abuse might involve medical malpractice

In Missouri and elsewhere, some elderly people reach a point in their lives where they find themselves unable to live independently and without specialized care. Thus, many take up residence in assisted living or nursing facilities so that help is available when they need it, no matter the time of day or night. Sadly, in some facilities, medical malpractice becomes an issue when elderly residents become injured or made ill through abusive situations or acts of negligence on the part of medical staff members.

Recent data suggests that there are various types of elder abuse. Some incidents involve actual physical harm, while others involve neglect or financial exploitation. It has also been reported that some elderly people have been victims of severe emotional abuse with threats being made or acts of intimidation being used against a person.

Missouri fatal accident results in manslaughter charges

At approximately 1:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday, a tragedy occurred in Missouri. The fatal accident involved two vehicles, a car and a motorcycle. The driver of the automobile now faces charges in light of the events that transpired.

According to police, the man behind the wheel of the automobile was driving at excessive rates of speed. He allegedly blew through a stop sign. Upon doing so, his vehicle is said to have crashed into a motorcyclist in the intersection. A passenger on the motorcycle was reportedly pinned underneath it upon impact.

Missouri patients could be at risk of medical malpractice

A woman is mourning the loss of her father after an incident that occurred at the nursing home where he resided. When professional staff members in Missouri or other states charged with the medical care of a patient fail to take available precautions in order to ensure safety of the patient, there might be grounds for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. In the case of the woman's father, many say that a drug he was given should have been carefully monitored by staff members, but wasn't.

"Coumadin" is the drug in question in this particular case. It is typically well-understood in the medical community that either too much or too little of this drug can cause grave, adverse effects in a patient's condition. An overdose is said to lead to potentially uncontrollable bleeding. Not giving enough of the drug can cause dangerous clotting of the blood.

Antidepressant may lead to medical malpractice for Missouri women

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are antidepressants sometimes given to women during the early months of pregnancy. In recent times, studies have shown a possible correlated risk between use of this medication and potential birth defects. In Missouri and elsewhere, grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit might exist when a baby is born with health defects caused by medication that was inappropriately prescribed to the mother by a physician during her pregnancy.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has suggested that as many as 13 percent of all pregnant women and mothers who have recently given birth suffer from depression. SSRIs are a common form of medication given to those who have not responded well to verbal therapy alone. Clinicians and some pregnant women have expressed their rising concerns about the potential risk of using SSRIs in early pregnancy in light of the published results of the studies.

Missouri parents should take note of potential product liability

Asbestos is a known carcinogen, composed of long fibers of silicate. It was often used in home insulation in past decades, until risks of exposure were fully understood. Asbestos is banned in many countries. Parents in Missouri and elsewhere might be interested in a recent news story that discussed shocking evidence of the cancer-causing material found in an art supply item and toys that many children use on a regular basis. In other cases, when a child has been injured or has been struck ill from use of a toy or contaminant in a playground, or in another manner, parents sometimes pursue product liability claims against those who produced and/or sold the products or equipment.

Recent information suggests that many toy retailers, as well as health professionals, were gravely concerned to learn that asbestos was discovered in certain crayons and toy crime kits being sold in stores throughout the United States. An environmental health group issued a report stating that, after 28 brands of crayons and 21 toy crime kits were tested, four of the crayon brands and two of the toy kits tested positive for asbestos. Major retail chains, including Toys R' Us, Party City and Dollar Tree, reportedly sell the alleged asbestos-containing products on a regular basis.

Amputee accuses doctor of medical malpractice

A diabetic patient has filed a lawsuit against a doctor whom he states could have prevented his leg from being amputated. The medical malpractice suit was filed in a state outside Missouri in May. The patient reported that he had gone to a medical facility where the doctor worked because of pain he was experiencing in his foot.

Reports indicate that the man who visited the medical facility with foot pain informed the medical staff that he suffered from diabetes. The patient claims that the doctor he is suing told him that his foot pain was unrelated to his condition. She is alleged to have also suggested that he simply visit a wound care physician for follow-up care.

Several ejected from vehicle in Missouri fatal accident

A vehicle carrying several passengers was involved in an accident on a recent Tuesday night in Missouri. It was a fatal accident that resulted in the loss of one life and injury to several others. The Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the tragic scene.

Police reports state that the vehicle was traveling in a southbound direction on Highway 179 when the accident took place. The vehicle apparently veered across the center line of traffic. Upon crossing the center line, reports indicate that the car continued to travel off the roadside, at which point it overturned.

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