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New standards may help Missouri patients prevent personal injury

Some Missouri residents eventually come to reside in a skilled nursing facility, such as a nursing or convalescent home, when it has been determined that they are not capable of independently coping with the usual activities of daily living. Typically, there are regulatory entities whose task is to ensure patient safety with regard to personal injury and/or illness, as well as make recommendations for improvement in quality of care. Recently, nursing homes across the nation were rated, with one third of them receiving low scores.

A recent study suggested that many of the nation's nursing homes fail to meet the existing standards for care and safety. Officials stated that they hope the ratings system benefits those who are attempting to choose between various nursing homes. A website has been used to publish ranks for more than 15,000 nursing homes in the nation. The one to five scale takes into account such measures as staff to patient ratio and use of anti-psychotic drugs.

Fatal accident outside Missouri leads to product liability suit

In 2012, a vehicle with 12 occupants was involved in a fatal accident that took the lives of five passengers and injured the other seven individuals. In a state southwest of Missouri, a family involved in the tragedy has filed a product liability claim in federal court, alleging that the crash occurred due to a defect in the rear tire of the vehicle. An official statement from the tire company said that the tire had met all federal safety regulations.

The vehicle was traveling on an interstate when the tread of the right back tire suddenly separated. The vehicle began to roll and crashed into a sign on the road. The lawsuit asserts that the survivors of the tragic accident are entitled to damages involving personal injuries, wrongful deaths and suffering brought about from witnessing the death of loved ones.

Passenger allegedly grabbed wheel causing Missouri car accident

Maintaining focus and operating a motor vehicle in a responsible manner is the duty of every driver. However, if another occupant in the car commits a negligent or wrongful action, a car accident can occur even if the driver is doing his or her best to drive safely. A recent Missouri crash occurred when one occupant is alleged to have acted recklessly while riding as a passenger in a car.

According to highway authorities, the accident occurred just after midnight in mid-February. Both people in the vehicle were 22 years of age. A young woman was driving and is said to have argued with the young man who was her passenger. At some point, it is alleged that he grabbed the steering wheel and, in doing so, caused the car to wreck.

Church van involved in fatal accident en route to Valentine party

A Wednesday night tragedy took the life of a 43-year-old veteran firefighter. The Missouri fatal accident involved three vehicles, including a church van that was carrying a group of teenagers and others to a local faith community Valentine celebration. Multiple helicopters were called to the site in order to transport all those in need of emergency care.

The firefighter, who was known and loved throughout his community, was driving the van full of his fellow church-goers. A spokesman from the Missouri State Highway Patrol said that the tragedy began to unfold when a 32-year-old male allegedly attempted to pass a sport utility vehicle. In doing so, the man's vehicle struck the SUV, then crashed into the van head-on. The driver of the vehicle suspected to have caused the accident was airlifted to a nearby medical center. The tragic scene became horrific when the church van burst into flames following the impact of the collision.

More than 1 fatal accident takes multiple lives in Missouri

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit which is filed by a surviving family member when a loved one has been killed by the negligent or intentional act of another. On a recent Missouri night, five people lost their lives in more than one fatal accident. Investigations in each incident remain ongoing. Those who have suffered the unexpected and untimely deaths of their loved ones have a right to pursue litigation against the party or parties alleged to have caused the deaths.

One of the crashes occurred close to 12 a.m. when a car is said to have veered off the road, running over two people who were walking together on a sidewalk. In another incident, a 32-year-old female died when her car allegedly drove under a tractor trailer. The truck apparently blew a tire just before the collision.

Missouri fatal accident being called a murder

Reckless driving is sometimes defined as a driver who operates his or her vehicle with wanton disregard for the rules of the road. In a recent fatal accident in Missouri, a driver is not only being accused of such disregard but is being investigated by authorities from a homicide unit. Some say it was the driver's outburst of anger that led to the deadly crash.

The accident occurred on Interstate 55 at just about 3:15 p.m. A vehicle carrying five people was traveling on the roadway while the 31-year-old driver was apparently engaged in an argument with her boyfriend, a 55-year-old passenger in the front seat. Information provided by a police investigation suggests that the driver threatened to intentionally crash the vehicle. Moments later, according to the report, she slammed the vehicle directly into the center median.

Missouri parents should be wary of potential product liability

Children across America often play with toys or use play equipment which has been imported to the nation from a manufacturing company in a foreign country. Missouri parents might want to research whether the equipment at their local playground could possibly contain potentially dangerous toxins. Product liability sometimes exists for manufacturers or sellers of a faulty product which is alleged to have caused injury, illness or death. In a recent case, federal agents seized $38,000 worth of playground toys which had been imported from Asia.

A field operation office of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection  seized 1,320 child-sized backhoe diggers at a Savannah port in October. The CBP claims that the toys were coated with paint that contained extremely high levels of lead. Samples of the paint were shipped to a laboratory, and a confirmation of the allegation was issued.

Missouri fatal accident caused by driver's alleged recklessness

Vehicular collisions involving driver distraction while using a cell phone are reported as being a significant problem in the nation today. A recent fatal accident in Missouri took one man's life and resulted in criminal charges for another. The driver of the car that allegedly caused the crash apparently admitted his own culpability in the tragedy.

A 23-year-old male confessed to talking on his cellular telephone while driving his truck last June. Witnesses claim that he was driving at excessive speeds. According to reports, the man had just ended his call when he glanced up and saw another vehicle. His attempt to swerve his pick up truck in the hope of avoiding collision was unsuccessful. He allegedly crashed his vehicle into the rear of the other.

Quadriplegic claims manufacturing defect to blame for her injury

It is up to every vehicle owner to do his or her best to maintain his or her automobile to ensure its roadworthiness. However, owners rarely think about some significant parts, such as emergency devices, which are never seen unless they are needed, so most drivers assume that such parts have passed a safety assessment and are in good working order. An example of a device of this nature would be an automobile's airbag. A woman outside of the state of Missouri claims that she was left a quadriplegic after she was involved in a car accident in which an alleged manufacturing defect caused her airbag to explode when deployed.

In a Florida court Wednesday, a lawsuit filed on behalf of the woman contained statements which allege that an airbag exploded during a car crash, leaving the driver with a permanent injury. It was purported that several companies were well aware of the airbags' defects due to numerous other consumer complaints and lawsuits. The attorneys acting on the behalf of the injured party reported that there have been 139 injuries and five deaths within the past 13 years due to the defective airbag in question.

Hospital attempts to avoid nursing negligence with photographs

Imagine the distress of suffering an illness or injury due to an error on the part of medical staff. Imagine further if an act of nursing negligence were to take place because a patient had been misidentified. That is what happened at one hospital outside the state of Missouri, raising the awareness of the staff and prompting them to take action.

In an online nursing article, it was reported that a medical error occurred due the improper administration of medication when an adult psychiatric patient was misidentified by the staff. A registered nurse, who was acting program manager at the time, took immediate steps to investigate and research ways of preventing such a mistake from happening again. As a result, a committee was set up to study the identification processes of various units within the hospital.

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